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Yasmin Davar helps people create a better world

Yasmin Davar is a visionary thought leader and social change agent.

She is well known showing people how to create peace and sustainability in their own lives and in the world with easy-to-follow, practical, solutions-focussed advice.

Her passion is to empower people, because everybody has a role to play, and everyone’s contribution is valuable.

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Books by Yasmin Davar

Our Peaceful Planet contains extraordinary ideas that have the power to transform lives and the planet. As each part of the world—beliefs, governance, environment, industries and economy—dynamically interacts, Our Peaceful Planet provides a complete solution by considering all of those interactions in totality. It contains big ideas for world leaders and little ideas for everyday people, because everyone has the power to make a difference, to themselves and others, and to the world. It is a blueprint for the future in which everyone can play a role. Read More

Yasmin Davar is a World-Class Keynote Speaker

Yasmin is a Tier-1 Keynote Social and Environmental Change Speaker available for interviews and presentations. Topics can be custom created and curated to the needs of any audience.

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What People Are Saying About Yasmin and Our Peaceful Planet

Testimonial 2

"Yasmin Davar is an author who has not only the courage to look clearly at the many problems that beset our modern age, but also the ingenuity to propose meaningful solutions. As I read this book I could feel the author’s genuine and heartfelt belief that a peaceful planet is our true birthright – and that it is not out of our reach.  Mahatma Gandhi said “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”, and this direction is addressed in the first part of the book. But this is not just another New Age Self-Help book. The author proceeds to use her experience gained in Environmental Engineering, Peace and Conflict Resolution and Corporate Governance to innumerate practical steps to resolve the world’s many current crises. This is a timely publication, and comes highly recommended to anyone who wants to make a positive contribution to “Our Peaceful Planet”." - Hugh H.

Company Name: Hugh Hanson

Testimonial 3

"Our Peaceful Planet is a thoughtful, and thought provoking, piece that is highly recommended. Yasmin's book provides insight into the many, inter-linked elements that shape the problems our world experiences today, ranging from corruption in governance, to the exploitation of human and environmental resources, to societal attitudes that value money over our own and each other's personal well-being. In tackling these issues, Our Peaceful Planet consistently outlines a message of hope, and a vision for change, starting with the beliefs of the reader. Inspiring work and a great read." - Jonathan T.

Company Name: Jonathan Treloar

Testimonial 4

"What Yasmin is saying is the truth." - Alen K.

Company Name: Alen Krljic

Testimonial 5

"Inspiring" - Don M.

Company Name: Don and Gail McDonough

Testimonial 6

"Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your emails and messages of positivity!!!! I despair of the constant negative and fake news that goes around on a loop on our radio." - Brett J.

Company Name: Brett James

Testimonial 1

"Yasmin Davar envisions a world in which a collective healing venture will reshape as well as refocus our energy to build a better world for mankind. And so she says in her new brilliant book, Our Peaceful Planet. For years, slews of environmentalists have called for a sustainable future. But few lodge this notion in an envelope of a peaceful planet atmosphere. Her arguments, brief and to the point, suggest a more positive direction. She gives us hope and something to look forward to. For an uplifting read, I highly recommend this unique perspective for a planet that desperately needs help." - San Francisco Book Review

Company Name: San Francisco Book Review

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