• Yasmin Davar helps people create a better world

    Yasmin Davar is a visionary thought leader and social change agent.

    She is well known showing people how to create peace and sustainability in their own lives and in the world with easy-to-follow, practical, solutions-focussed advice.

    Her passion is to …

  • Books by Yasmin Davar

    Our Peaceful Planet contains extraordinary ideas that have the power to transform lives and the planet. As each part of the world—beliefs, governance, environment, industries and economy—dynamically interacts, Our Peaceful Planet provides a complete solution by considering all of those …

  • Yasmin Davar is a World-Class Keynote Speaker

    Yasmin is a Tier-1 Keynote Social and Environmental Change Speaker available for interviews and presentations.

    Topics can be custom created and curated to the needs of any audience.

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